Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NAMI Offers Toolkit to Raise Mental Health Awareness on College Campuses

By Emily Cepla, Program Manager, NAMI Child & Adolescent Action Center

NAMI is making it easy to raise mental health awareness on college campuses across the country. Why is this so important?

 Because one in four young adults lives with a mental health condition, yet many college students know very little about what that means. Also, stigma remains the single greatest barrier to college students reaching out for help when they need it.

Late last year, NAMI published College Students Speak, a major survey report in which college students weighed in, calling for more education about mental health issues and access to mental health care on campuses. Guided by the report, NAMI created a special toolkit to raise mental health awareness, educate the college community and help combat stigma.

We’ve made it simple; the toolkit has everything you need. We’re proud to share it with all individuals and groups who share concerns about mental health needs on campuses.

Here is what’s included:  

  • A step-by-step guide with every detail needed for a successful presentation.
  • A visually appealing and dynamic PowerPoint titled Raising Mental Health Awareness.
  • Four fact sheets to complement the presentation and to reinforce the key issues.
  • Eye-catching promotional flyers to hang around campus and in the community to spread the word.
  • A fully customizable template to list mental health resources on campus.
  • Sample social media posts to promote the presentation through social networks.
  • Video clips to spread mental health awareness on campus.

The North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Pan-Hellenic Council came to NAMI earlier this year seeking resources their members could use to raise mental health awareness on college campuses. These organizations represent national fraternities and sororities across the country.  NAMI formed a partnership with them which led to the creation of the toolkit.  Here is what college students have been saying about it:

Great presentation… this is a good way to get the message across and help people get started thinking about these issues.

Awesome job! It is really important to implement this presentation at schools.

The information was presented clearly and was truly eye-opening in how to understand and deal with these situations.

Overall, the content in this presentation, as well as its organization, was excellent

The toolkit has everything you need to raise awareness—now all we need is your help.  Anyone can make a presentation using it:  college students, professors, counselors, coaches, administrators, as well as local NAMI leaders or NAMI on Campus clubs. The more we can educate communities about mental health and how to help a friend or classmate, the more we will see action and positive change.

It’s time. Together we can help to build a brighter future for all individuals affected by mental illness.

You can access the toolkit online or contact namioncampus@nami.org to request a free USB flash drive preloaded with the toolkit while supplies last. Learn more about NAMI’s growing work on college campuses by visiting www.nami.org/namioncampus.


Deborah Jackson said...

what about having these for high school students !!! my daughter was in high school. I think this is so important. Parents do not know the symptoms or what to look for. Whats normal or whats not normal. Lets spread the word to High School Students and parents help them to help theirselfs with information !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another reason to love NAMI!! :)

Hearkn said...

This is a really great initiative! Way to go NAMI!